eriyal:Nidalee League of LegendsQuick heads upThere’s…

eriyal:Nidalee League of LegendsQuick heads upThere’s probably gonna be a slight change in the content that I upload! As much as I love painting sexy girls, I’d preffer to spice things up a bit (in a not-at-all sexy way) so you’ll start seeing more SFW stuff here. I’m not sure how much this’ll impact my gallery, but you’ll keep seeing naked girls here more often than not (i’ll try to keep it at a 50%ratio or higher). So what can you expect from now on? Nsfw fanart and oc’s as usual and some OC fantasy, sci-fi, a fictional landscape here and there. I hope it won’t look way too weird when i start mixing SFW and NSFW content but hey, we’ll wait and see.  April 7th 2016

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